(DZY013) KluSlim – Beat Bad

The king of pop lives on with KluSlim’s latest single.…

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(DZY012) Billy Donuts – Xanax

Xanax is the newest single off of Billy Donuts upcoming…

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Taylor Stoma Live at Dizzy Records

Taylor Stoma performing “Punch Me Lovingly” at Dizzy Records June…

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Tremble Out Live at Dizzy Records

  Tremble Out performing “Fags” at Dizzy Records November 15th…

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(DZY011) KluSlim – All I Want

KluSlim‘s birthday present to himself. Take a trip through his…

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(DZY010) KluSlim – Understanding Base Vol. 2

On November 25th, KluSlim returns with his 2nd Volume of…

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(DZY009) (+)afekt – Almost Ready Yet EP

The first full release from the mysterious symphony of sounds…

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Understanding Base Vol. 1

(DZY008) KluSlim – Understanding Base Vol. 1

KluSlim returns on June 30th with his first official beat…

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Billy Donuts

(DZY007) Billy Donuts – Moments in June

On May 30th 2014, Dizzy Records will release Billy Donuts’…

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(DZY006) KluSlim – jiveMIND EP

On May 30th 2014, Dizzy Records releases KluSlim’s Freshman EP…

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